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It's no sweat for TikTok: A Case study for Rexona

TikTok's advertising power is no secret, the apps ability to grab the attention of the youth market is unlike anything before it. So it's only natural that TikTok would offer the opportunity for companies to post ads and sponsored content on its highly exposed platform. With the assistance of influencers, these ads have the ability to go around the world thrice without even stopping for water. Today we're going delve into a TikTok campaign completed for deodorant brand Rexona. We will talk about both the campaign itself and the impressive results it was able to deliver without even breaking a sweat.

Rexona had a new product line which featured fun colours and matching slogans to encourage a sporty and fun lifestyle for buyers to enjoy just in time for summer. Each "bottle" has it's own bright and playful design and allows the buyer to decide which one best represents their personality. With one for the girlier; pink with dainty pastel Macarons, One for the animal lovers featuring a jungle green and littered with bright pink flamingos, and one for the boys which has navy colour and is covered in pixel-perfect space invaders. They wanted the campaign to go viral, so they bought in the pros.

Several influencers were hired to spread the word by making short videos that captured them dancing to a choreographed routine along to a piece of music that was created solely for the campaign. The influencers also spruiked the incentive of prizes to be won. The hashtag #RexonaChallenge was used as a base to gain traction amongst the TikTok community and to encourage others to join in on the fun.

The videos were posted, and with that, the challenge was set. TikTok creators around the world immediately rose to the challenge. They sang and they danced adding their own personal twists. The campaign gained momentum and soon millions of videos circulated from eager creators trying to get their piece of the action. Over 150,000 videos were created in hopes of making it big or winning the prizes. Though we can't be sure on the exact number of sales, a lot of the user-created videos feature a product from the new line to keep in with the theme of the brand.

With the campaign exceeding over 92 million views, it's safe to say it was a huge success. What’s so great about these TikTok campaigns for marketing is that the audience becomes the advertiser. The Rexona brand now has 156k hashtags to it’s name. They've gained a whopping 14k followers to their official account. They can now post to the masses with ease without the need for influencers. Rexona having a grab and go product line means that with some clever marketing they can have endless influence over what deodorant people pick when they’re at the store. No sweat.

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*this campaign was completed by PC

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Sep 13, 2023

This case study highlights the effectiveness of TikTok as an advertising channel and demonstrates how brands can use influencers and creative content to engage with the platform's users effectively. It also emphasizes the importance of tracking and analyzing campaign metrics to assess its impact.

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