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TikTok & Douyin Marketing

Douyin is the Chinese version of TikTok. People post short videos that are displayed on a users page in a continuous list that is scrolled through. This platform has become a place of promotion for brands as eCommerce grows.

How We Utilise TikTok

Advertisements must be engaging, up to date with trends and unique to the rest.

Video Infeeds

Up to 60 seconds (if the account is verified) with an internal link that can be implemented. These appear in a user’s feed while using the platform.

Splash Ad or Brand Takeover

A 3-5 seconds advertisement that is played once the platform is opened. These ads are launched at a maximum of 4 a day.

Branded Hashtag
Sticker Ads
Influencer Marketing

Brands can make customised stickers to promote a product or their company. Users can add these stickers to their video clips and create funny and engaging content. This is mainly used in Douyin.

Using influencers to promote your brand is the best option. Make sure your target audience fits well with the interests of the influencer and their following. Influencers can start a hashtag challenge themselves that have known to become the next trend. TikTok can do this for you but with an unnecessary expense. This type of marketing has been most effective for industries, as they are more likely to be engaged by the viewer.

Partnering with TikTok/Douyin to make a Branded Hashtag Challenge for users to duet and share your brand. Although this can be done by using the right influencer.



Video feed advertisements are frequent enough to grab someone’s attention. A swipe right will automatically bring the user to the product available for purchase. This feature is also on Douyin. Items can be purchased directly on the application and users will not be brought to a secondary location. Companies can insert a link to their website on their account page and users, again, will not be brought to another application.

We worked with Prosperitas, a Winery in SA, to advertise on Douyin. The Douyin account gained 1245 followers during the campaign, receiving 1367 likes. The Douyin videos gained almost 40,000 views.

Successful Brand Campaigns

Screen Shot 2021-02-02 at 10.26.26


  • These applications are used mostly by the ages of ’40s and under.

  • The largest group would be the young adults.

  • The male and female statistics are almost 50:50, so targeting both genders is not a problem.


If your target audience is part of the young demographic, these applications are the easiest way to reach them.

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