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WeChat Marketing

WeChat is a Unique Chinese digital marketing tool. It is not just a messaging and calling App. Due to how many features and how widely used it is, it’s considered to be an operating system for Chinese users.

How We Utilise WeChat

Official Account



We can help you set up a 100% brand-owned & verified WeChat account, including features like:

  • Verification Menu 

  • Welcome Message 

  • Auto-Reply

WeChat Advertising

We provide creative content and designs that will fit the tastes of Chinese users. The content will be in mandarin while the designs will be made sure to work in the Chinese Market.


3 main types of WeChat advertisements:

  • Moments 

  • Banner  Advertisement 

  • Mini Site


WeChat serves as a great Online to Offline platform. With the function of WeChat Pay, it allows users to pay for items inside the app. To utilise this feature for your business, we can:

  • Create an online shop on WeChat 

  • Create mini-site / ecommerce platform

Ads Format


All of these Display ads can re-direct to:

  • Event Details Page

  • Registration Page

  • Article Page from Official Account

  • Location-Based Service Story Page

  • Mini-Program for your Brand

  • Coupons, App-Store, External Page

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