The Client:


In 2020 Covid19 proved a challenge for universities and admissions levels dropped significantly. Flinders University approached Jetek for help to attain more enrolments from Chinese students for the next academic year. They approached Jetek to help come up with a campaign that would engage a specific target audience.

The Campaign:


From the 20th to the 31st of March Jetek ran a campaign titled "Go beyond scholarships" which emphasized on the concept of college freshman year. Flinders put forward an incentive that offered a discount off of a year's tuition. Jetek used a combination of digital marketing techniques through WeChat and other social media channels to complete the brief. The utilization of WeChat moments helped results exceed expectations.

The Results:


The total number of exposures reached over 682 thousand, far exceeding expectations. With a click-through rate of 2.30% and a total of 608 followers were attained for Flinders official WeChat account. Meaning more exposure and potential leads overtime. 

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