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WeChat Advertising: WeChat Banner Ads in Official Accounts

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

In the previous article, WeChat Moments Ads is introduced. In this article, we will discuss a different channel of WeChat Advertising - WeChat Official Account Ads. Click here to discover how Jetek China Digital utilise WeChat Advertising.

First of all, what is a WeChat Official Account?

WeChat Official Account (also known as “OA”) is a China-based marketing platform that acts as a complete brand hub to:

  • Gather followers

  • Send them targeted content

  • Push them marketing and service notifications

  • Redirect them to a website/e-commerce

(source: WeChatwiki)

Bottom Banner


- Ads will display at the bottom of a WeChat article

- Supports a variety of selling methods, meeting the needs of both the brand and customers.

- Supports different landing pages; you can set different ways to re-direct customers from Ads to landing pages.

- Supports both images and videos at the ratio of 16:9, emphasizing the brands’ style.

Applicable scene:

The promotion ads of brand activities at the bottom of the official account can help advertisers achieve massive brand exposures, convey brand tonality, and improve brand awareness; If you click on the Ads, there are different ways you can be directed to the landing pages, meeting the needs of different advertisers. The ads are also assisted with other products within WeChat’s ecosystem, such as mini-program gift cards. This closed social ecosystem can help to achieve the unity of products and effects with precise orientation.

In-Article Ads


- Ads will appear in the middle of a WeChat Official Account article, in the form of a 16:9 image.

- The Ads will be highly relevant to the article, which will increase the conversion rate.

Applicable scene:

Suitable for advertisers in e-commerce, brand names, and app downloads who seek to make sales, promote apps, or improve brand awareness. The 16:9 image works well at displaying and conveying information regarding products, brands and apps. The landing page of a mini-program can provide advertisers with higher fan conversion rates.

Video banner ads


- Ads will be displayed in a video.

- Different types of presentation. Ads can either appear in the form of an image (for 5 seconds) or video (for 6-15 seconds). Advertisers can choose between the two forms depending on their target users’ habits.

Applicable scene:

The video Ad will be inserted before any video which is longer than 3 minutes in the WeChat official account article. This can attract more attention from users and effectively increase the time they spend on the ads. (With two types of forms offered, there will be a richer result.)

Mutual selection ads

WeChat official account mutual selection ads involve a mutual selection and agreement between advertisers and WeChat official account holders (usually bloggers or KOL). The ad content will appear in the blogger’s article.


- Precision in customer targeting: subscribers of that official account.

- Authentic and comprehensive data services. The transaction process will be safe and efficient.

- Focusing on content marketing. The outer layer of ads supports image/video, making it a more expressive advertising style.

- Mutual selection can happen in two modes: advertising recommendation and content customisation, enabling the brand owners to communicate effectively with fans of the official account.

Product rebate – CPS advertisement


- Billing friendly – only pay on the final transaction.

- Customers will be directly driven from ads to mini-programs – this could improve user conversion efficiency

- Flexible and diverse ad forms, with the flexibility to appear anywhere in the text.

Applicable scene:

The official account product rebate advertisement can help advertisers promote products most efficiently. After the advertiser synchronizes the product in the mini-program through the rebate API and sets the commission ratio, the product info can be inserted anywhere within the text. After the transaction, the corresponding advertising fee will be deducted according to the advertiser’s commission ratio.

Please see here for an example with BBQ Buoys who successfully reached Chinese customers after broadening their social media platforms to WeChat.

Jetek China Digital are an oversea Wechat Advertising Partner and we would love to help you reach more Chinese Audiences on Wechat. If you would like to know more about WeChat Official Account Ads or WeChat Advertising in general, or need help with an Ad placement, feel free to contact us.

You are also more than welcome to visit our offices across Australia and America:


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