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BBQ Buoys targets the Chinese Market and gains revenue

The Chinese market, many say is difficult to reach, with not the right platform. BBQ Buoys have broadened their social media platforms and quickly gained the attention of our Chinese population, here in Adelaide. With the help of WeChat and other platforms, BBQ Buoys have successfully reached out to a wider demographic.

BBQ Buoys have just recently decided to branch out their audience and target those previously missing out on the opportunity to experience the enjoyment offered by their unique leisure activity. The Chinese population in Adelaide, some 50,000 previously were missing out due to improper marketing strategies.

Chinese advertisements are the quickest way to grab their attention, as it’s in their home language and easily relatable. Written in Chinese, attracts their eyes immediately, a familiarity with home puts them more at ease and makes them feel more welcome to be part of new, fun experiences.

Targeting a Chinese audience is a big task, but BBQ Buoys YouTube advert was targeted at the correct audience that would most likely take interest in the business. The skippable advertisement was shown only around Adelaide for easy travel for the Chinese audience. After the campaign, statistics showed that the advert was watched in full by over 50% of the viewers.

BBQ Buoys had influencers advertise their business on their WeChat accounts, sharing the website, and gaining a community. PR articles were also shared throughout WeChat and were read over 4,000.

Local influencers on Little Red Book also shared their experience with BBQ Buoys, resulting in other customer shares.

Mafengwo was also used to share BBQ buoys via live stream. This was shared most in China for future business in oncoming years. The live stream got 72,674 views in total.

BBQ Buoys shared their experience with opening up to the Chinese market and the results they had. In the 8 years, they have been open, they have never had many Chinese on board. After this campaign they now see at least one Chinese group on board weekly, boosting their business. The trend is an obvious one, make the Chinese feel welcome and they will deliver business.


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