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Chinese Consumers are different from the rest, use Chinese digital marketing to expand your business

Expanding your business to the Chinese market is a great way to boosts sales drastically, but knowing how to is very important. There are different strategies to follow to be successful, and basing them off the Western digital marketing way will not work.


eCommerce had grown exponentially over the years, and no way Is it slowing down. China eCommerce is more advanced than any other country as the different platforms that are open to the Chinese market. These platforms have everything a Chinese consumer looks for when purchasing a product.

China has become one of the biggest eCommerce markets in the world. Your business could gain massive revenue by opening up to the Chinese market, with cross-border eCommerce this can become a reality for your business development.

Online Shopping

Although online shopping has grown in 2020, the Chinese demographic is more than likely to shop online over westerners. Chinese audiences also don’t have the same negative response that westerners have towards advertising. They welcome well-targeted digital advertising compared to westerners that tend to find excessive online advertising irritating.

Instead of relying on the company’s main website, consumers look for their products on platforms such as Tmall and LD. These two platforms are the leading eCommerce platforms with over 500milion users and they also control 90% of eCommerce traffic in China.

The Chinese market is more demanding about the products' information, websites like this have immediate contact with the brand to answer any questions the consumer might have.

Quality or quantity

Like most people, consumers prefer quality over quantity and the typical Chinese consumer does their research on the product before purchase. Counterfeit products are too common over the internet. The Chinese market looks for authenticity, and this is why western brands are the perfect luxury items they want.

From a business perspective, make sure your products are well made and all the information you can imagine is displayed for the Chinese consumer. The more authentic your products are the better reviews, resulting in more sales, with the help of word of mouth.

How to Market

Westerner marketing strategies rely mostly on simplistic designs within their advertisements. Showing what most important for their brand or product. Although this could work when reaching out to the Chinese market, it is not the best solution. The Chinese audience love to be entertained, the more engaging your advertisement is, the more likely you are to keep their attention. Creative content, using gifs and stickers is what stands out from the rest.

As mentioned, the Chinese consumer wants to know everything they can about the product. The main marketing strategy used for Chinese Digital Marketing is using KOLs, influencers. Chinese audiences rely on KOL’s to provide the information from a personal perspective, using live streams and showing their audience the product.


Opening up your business to the Chinese market has great potential, being the highest eCommerce country and the more likely to buy products paired with the correct marketing strategies. Your business could grow within months just by expanding your social media platforms to the ones that the Chinese consumer relies on.

If you have any questions or would like help to open up your business to the Chinese Market, feel free to contact us.


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