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Social Media advertisement : The benefits of Facebook Advertisement Platform

Social Media advertisements are becoming the trend for businesses to expand their business, and Facebook Ads is one of the best option.

This article will showcase the advantages of Facebook Ads, also the steps for preparing to run Facebook ads.

Advantages of Facebook Advertisement Platforms

Accuracy of placing ads

The most significant advantage of Facebook advertisement is that it has precises positioning and division of audiences. Unlike Chinese digital platforms: Weibo and WeChat, Facebook does not target all people who use Facebook software for advertising. Instead, it divides the audiences more precisely according to the advertiser’s advertising purposes, in order to achieve accurate advertising.

While placing advertisement on Facebook, advertisers are not only able to set the audiences’ gender, age group, residence/location, languages and etc. The advertisers could also group the audience carry out further precise segmentation, and finally target a precise customer group for advertising, based on the large amount of user data collected by Facebook according to the user’s hobbies and behaviour habits.

By categorizing audience groups, it can be further realized that only effective audience group will be targeted for advertising. Since advertising is only delivered to effective audiences, in other words, it is ensures that advertising costs are spent on the blade.

The flexibility of advertising budget

When it comes to the cost of advertising, Facebook ads is the one most favoured by advertisers – the flexibility of advertising budgets. Unlike traditional print advertising, advertisers don’t buy a particular AD space on Facebook. Instead, they select a specific audience to ensure that the ads are delivered accurately.

In this mean, the advertising budget is very flexible. Advertisers not just only able to set budget on targeting for a time of period, but can even set a precise budget for each campaign on a daily basis.

Simple and easy advertising operation interface

Another advantage of Facebook As is that it has very low entry barrier, which can be easy learned. This is due to the fact that the Facebook team is constantly improving and adding features, as well as making Facebook Ads easier and faster to use.

From the step of Facebook account creation experience, you can see that the Facebook team is looking for the fastest, most efficient, and most simple way to provide customers with the most convenient way to operate.

Various advertising possibilities

Facebook ads can linked to Instagram ads, it can also run both ads in a single campaign to connect audiences on both platforms. One of the biggest advantage of Facebook ads is to present advertisers’ content to the users to attract users’ by their interests. At the same time, Facebook advertising platform has a wide variety of advertising forms to meet the different advertising objectives of different advertisers.

In addition, the advertising channels of Facebook advertising platform are not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram, Audience Network and Message platforms. Each channel of advertising has its own format and layout to choose, so that advertisement in different channels to bring different advertising performance.

Preparation for placing Facebook ads

1. Facebook account creation

Once a Facebook account is created, a Facebook advertising account is automatically created. Which means having a Facebook account gives access to ads on Facebook’s advertising platform.

2. Facebook Page

Facebook Page is needed to run an advertisement on Facebook, it is a fan platform for your company or brand, as well as a community organisations or public figure. Only a Facebook Page can be used to place and manage ads through the Facebook Business Management platform. In addition, ads sent via Facebook pages give your ads more authority and increase the credibility of your ads.

3. Facebook Business Manager

One of the benefits of setting up Facebook's business management platform is that once its set up, account owner will immediately have an additional Facebook advertising account. In addition, the most important of the business management platform is that it can be access by multiple people to manage multiple advertising accounts. In addition, personal advertising accounts (especially new Facebook accounts) can easily be blocked on the way to place ads, while business management platforms are relatively safe.

4. Payment Method

The last and most important step in the beginning of advertising is to create a payment method.

Since January 2018, Facebook Ads has been adding new features almost every month to improve the AD page and enhance user engagement. Also, the interface often changes in large and small ways.

These optimizations are allowing Facebook to increase the users (businesses) to run advertisement on the platform to expand their business.

Please feel free to contact our sale team on for more information if you are interested on running Facebook ads for your business.


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