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Wirra Wirra


The Client:


Wirra Wirra is a South Australian company that is serious about wine but centred around fun. They wanted to showcase the best their company has to offer to possible buyers. Jetek concluded the best way to capture that personality and message would be through a KOL live streaming campaign through available Chinese social media channels.

Wirra Wirra cellar door live streaming.j

Live streaming at the Cellar door of Wirra Wirra Wine


The campaign : 


A live video was recorded at Wirra Wirra winery by two influencers who streamed their experience. Later the footage was edited and posted across all their social media channels. 7000 people tuned in for the live stream and of those 71 asked "Where can. I buy this wine?"



The Results : 


Across multiple social media channels including Instagram and the campaign reached over 42 thousand impressions. The video got shared over 600 times. 224 viewers saved the video. All of this interaction was reached over the span of 5 days.

Testimonial from Managing Director and CEO - Andrew Kay


BUSINESS JOURNAL press release on 9th of July 2019 about this case study

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