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Digital Marketing Potential

Now, more than ever, social media has taken the lead in obtaining new sales. New companies reignited the excitement of experiencing new products whether they be material objects, new life experiences, or just broadening a person’s interest in life going on around them.

Social media has been able to attract a whole new audience, managed to change people’s shopping habits and created a much simpler way for people to purchase goods without the stress of time wastage and the possibility of disappointment.

Digital marketing has made it easier to target your audience in order to make your business grow faster. This type of marketing also gives the chance for business’ to broaden their sales into cross-border e-commerce. Using social media platforms to show case your product, with targeting a specific new audience. This type of marketing has little limit of where a business wants to reach. Opening up to the Chinese market has shown to expand a business greatly, when done correctly.

Pop ups, paid advertising space, micro influencers have successfully engaged an increase of their audiences and achieved results beyond their initial expectations. Spreading the word through social media which then becomes topical in conversations is forever growing.

With the use of simple, brightly coloured, modern designs in advertising an audience is instantly captured, locking in a particular label, brand, product, company or service. Sometimes, plain, bold and loud advertising proves to the most effective in securing one’s attention and making it memorable. No advertisement needs to be extravagant. It just needs to be explanatory and show relevance to its audience. Relatable to age, culture, peoples’ needs and desires and above all leave a memorable image. It is simple to take information from related websites and make them your own then reap the rewards.

Businesses have their own identity and appreciate when an easy identifiable logo, tune, or slogan is shared by others. This method of advertising campaign has proven to be successful. Investing in advertising on the internet can only benefit a business.

We live through an era where the majority of the population engage solely with their computer, therefore, advertising through social media is a must if they wish for their products/services to be shared and admired with those in the age group 18-40.

Today, general conversation (again over the internet) is about what people have seen or heard. To miss out on this experience of advertising could prove to be a big mistake for any business.

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