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Looking into Cross-border Ecommerce? Try Tmall Global

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Tmall Global is an eCommerce platform that businesses’ can use to sell their products to the Chinese market without having to open a business in China. The goods sold on Tmall Global are originally produced and sold overseas, then imported legally into China. Tmall Global is not the same as Tmall as Tmall Global was made for non-Chinese Brands.

Tmall Global should not be seen as a temporary investment, but a long-term eCommerce business.

Customers will use Alipay or other methods to buy your products in their currency, meanwhile, you will receive the payment in your own currency. Having an Alipay account for your brand is essential, this can be connected to your chosen bank account.

Cross-Border eCommerce requires all goods to have at least 2/3rds shelf life remaining. Assuming a 12-month shelf life, you’ve effectively got 4-months to receive, sell, and ship your stock.

Tmall mandates that brands hold a minimum of two-months inventory at all times. Furthermore, to participate in major sales events, merchants must hold inventory levels 3x more than their forecasted monthly unit sales.

Tmall Global is B2C which means the following types of products can be sold



Beauty tools



Household appliances

Kitchen utensils

Baby food


Baby clothes






Tmall Global does have basic restrictions on what a store can be, on basic terms, your store must;

Be registered overseas

Merchants should own a trading license

Must be the brand owner or have the brand re-selling authorisation

Merchants need authentic products

Chinese language customer support must be available

Sold products should be dispatched within 120 hours of purchase

Other restrictions include;

To apply to open a store you must;

Submit product information and wait for checking – 10 business days

Register for an overseas Alipay account – 10 business days

Sign the agreement and pay the annual – 10 business days.

service fee and deposit

Open the store. This includes registering an account in Tmall Global, taking a test, completing the information needed, adding products, and finally launching the store.

Tmall Global is a big investment but has proven to be successful for brands. The fees of Tmall Global include an opening deposit fee, annual fee, commission fee, and a small Alipay fee for checkout.

Opening a store on Tmall Global can improve your business to target the Chinese demographic. Since foreign countries do not have access to Tmall itself, Tmall Global has become the website to use for the rest of the world. If you need help starting and managing your store, as well as ad placement, feel free to contact us.


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