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Top Chinese influencers of 2020 (Female Edition)

It's no secret that influencers are seen as one one of the key players in the digital marketing landscape of our modern times. It's no wonder with their ability to sell out products in mere minutes. From something as small as a lipstick to something as big as a car (which funnily enough happened to be the iconic Mini Cooper) will literally fly off the metaphorical shelf. But who are these people who can turn over millions in minutes? Here are some of the most influential female Chinese influencers. Taking online love and adoration to the bank.


Weibo: 100m


First up is a Yang Ying otherwise known to her fans as Angelababy. She rose to fame in 2014 leading a show called "Hurry up, Brother." This "sister" is known as the Chinese Kim Kardashian and much like Kim she spent a lot of money on a lavish wedding, and also had nasty plastic surgery rumours swarming around her like hungry sharks. Though unlike Kim, Angelababys rumours of plastic surgery were far more damaging. Beauty behemoth Dior signed Yang Ying to be one of their brand ambassadors. The fans of Dior were not pleased with this decision and were incredibly vocal and volatile towards the new beauty queen. So much so that she had to undergo a public medical examination to put the rumours to rest. Whether their inability to accept her as the luxury brands face is due to jealously of Yang's natural beauty or there are people with such strong opinions on plastic surgery that they will drop loyalty to their 'favourite' brand without a seconds thought, still remains unanswered. But despite the haters, Dior and Yang won. Dior has risen to be the most relevant brand amongst Chinese youth from 15-24. Ying's infamy proved to be a guiding force and thanks to her ability to get people talking she can also check Givenchy and Gucci off her working bucket list.

Maybelline has also witnessed the power of Ying's talkative fanbase, recruiting her for a KOL based campaign. For the launch of her becoming Maybelline's newest ambassador, Angelababy featured on a themed Livestream show titled "make it happen" She did just that and comments flooded in as did sales as the fashionista spoke candidly on the Maybelline couch about all things beauty. She managed to flip 10,000 lipsticks in just two hours. Possibly concluding that in this case, maybe she is just born with it.

2. TANG (Tiffany) YAN

Weibo: 74.4m


Our next influencer is 36 going on 22, her youthful face is the perfect canvas for brands to paint upon with their message and personality. Yan starred in her first film during 2007. Her performance was nominated for best actress award. But, it was until she starred in the hit show Chinese Paladin that she garnered major popularity.

Yan's credits span from furniture brands like Lafang, Skincare brand Proya and jewellery brand Leysen etc. Brands that have major competitors and weren't exactly "on the map" have spiked in popularity because they have attached themselves with Yan. Her effect with brands has earned her the title of "lucky endorsement star". She also has bigger names under her belt such as sneaker giant Sketchers and she's made the cover of Harper Baazar. Her genuine kind nature that glows over social media makes her relatable to her audience and invaluable to her employers.

3. (Crystal) LIU YIFEI

Weibo: 65m


If we're talking endorsements, can you think of trusting anyone better to represent a brand than a Disney Princess? Mulan herself is next on our list and now that she's going to be on our big screen, we can expect her to pop up on little screens everywhere. Liu Yifei claimed the leading role for the live-action remake out of nearly 1000 ladies who auditioned. This New York-born triple threat has already completed campaigns for Dior, watchmaker royalty Tissot and Italian luxury label Emporio Armani. With nearly 66 million followers on Weibo, and more brands annointing her ambassador. Disney fans won't be the only people watching this one.

The ladies on this list are just some of the many influencers making a splash in the digital market. Weibo itself has over 500 million users, meaning there's plenty of views to go around. In 2020 KOL marketing is here and it's huge. As the climate for digital marketing continues to change, So will the names in the spotlight. These particular ladies seem to have what it takes to stay relevant in an ever-changing cyber world. But I can't help but wonder does the brand 'make' them, or do they 'make' the brand?

Thanks for reading.


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