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The Values of Marketing

By Susan Song - Jetek Staff

Part 1:

The Values of Marketing

Part 2 and 3:

The following written document illustrates the role of marketing management which are helpful to maintain long-term consumer relationships and enhance consumers’ shopping experience.

● Managing long-term customer relationships and implementing the marketing concept.

● Companies can create long-lasting and deep customer relationships by maximizing value.

● Reduce time and effort- a company can increase product availability, making products more convenient for buyers to purchase its products.

● Increasingly popular in today’s catalog/telephone/Internet shopping environment

● Enhance consumers’ shopping experience

Part 4:

Core factors that are affecting the value of products and services.

● Consumers' experience of products or services

● Quality of products and services

● Price of products and services

● Evaluations of goods and services

● The availability or distribution of products

Part 5:

Short case examples of marketing management value:

● Hotels and motels, for example, basically provide a room with a bed and bathroom, but each of the many different forms of accommodation provides a different level of service, amenities, and atmosphere to satisfy its guests.

● The Hilton provides a 5-star service – service a guest might desire - and strives to ensure that the overall Hilton experience is of the highest quality.


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