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Sources of secondary data

By Susan Song - Jetek Staff


Be sure to remember to give priority to collecting second-hand information‼

It was firstly gathering secondary data from available reports and other internal and external data sources.

Secondary data concludes both internal and external sources.

Internal sources:

Sales data

  • Which may be broken down by geographic area, product type, or even type of customer.

Accounting data

  • Costs, prices, and profits by product category.

Competitive data

  • Competitive information is recorded by the sales force or obtained from the Internet.

External sources:

Government sources

  • Census data profiles the population by geographic area.

News sources

  • Organizations such as Nielsen are constantly tracking consumer data like official websites which provide a summary, every month, of Australian consumers’ surfing and streaming behavior.

Corporate information

  • Industry research, such as that provided by IBIS World (, provides information on the marketing environment – including regulatory threats and the competitive environment.


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