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Jetek Business Acumen|How to explore Southeast Asia

By Chris Huang - Jetek Staff

Reading guide

  • Australian Business in Southeast Asia

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Identify Opportunites in the Post-COVID Period

  • More Features Needed to Approach ASEAN Market

  • Case Study for Successful Marketing Campaign

  • Conclusion


Australian Business in Southeast Asia

ASEAN is one of the top 3 trading partners, accounting for 15% of Australia's total trade with the growing links amongst education, infrastructure, agriculture, and professional service.

Australian businesses in ASEAN come in all shapes and sizes, manifesting the broad diversity of Australia's business interests across the region with a continuous increase in trade and investment in the ASEAN market from 2019 to 2021.


Competitor Analysis

Digital marketing agencies in Southeast Asia are predicted to rise by 13.93% with a tremendous market value of $15.35 billion by 2026.


Founded in 2013, Thailand-headquartered Zanroo provides business intelligence tools that track, monitor, collect and analyze online conversations and real-time data across social media platforms and websites.

Table: Zanroo's information collection and analysis process

Main Service

Service Sectors

  • Insurance

  • Telco

  • FMCG(fast-moving consumer goods)

  • Banking Logistic


Zanroo delivers transformational outcomes for a demanding, new digital world with a new standard in Data Analytics, machine learning, trend analysis, and process automation through data integration platforms and AI technology.

Inspire ASIA

Inspire ASIA is a one-stop agency dedicated to the ASEAN markets, utilizing a holistic approach and crafting integrated marketing strategies that combine owned, earned, and paid media to ensure all of the marketing efforts work together effectively, maximize brands exposure, raise brand awareness, accelerate growth and deliver the greatest returns for their customers.

Main Service

  • Provide digital strategy to achieve competitive advantage and profitability expectations with a data-driven approach.

  • Design impactful and innovative marketing campaigns through all channels and media formats.

  • Build inbound marketing programs which could resonate with the target audience.

Target Market

Table: Inspire ASIA's target market


“Asian native with a western heart.”

Their multilingual and multi-national team could have a native understanding of Asian cultures and consumers ‘purchase habits as well as could be able to seize the sensibility of the Asian market to transform Western brands' value in an authentic and practical way.


DKSH drives a clear strategy for sustainable, profitable growth that continuously increases their market share helps their clients expand their businesses, and ensure long-term success for their clients and customers.

Main Service

Service Sectors

  • Consumers goods

  • Healthcare

  • Performance materials

  • Technology

Covered Market

Table: DKSH's covered market

Sustainability Growth

Table: 3 key stakeholders of DKSH within the sustainable growth

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Identify Opportunites to Approach ASEAN Market

Nearly 76% of the Australian business in the ASEAN community continue to make the ASEAN market a priority in their business strategy, despite the significant economic disruption caused by the pandemic.

Table: The operations of Southeastern nations under COVID are better than the expectation

5 main factors for the expansion of trade and investment in ASEAN


  • Expanding cities and infrastructure improvement accelerating economic growth;

  • Improving productivity and raising demand;

  • A growing consumer class with greater purchasing power;

  • Innovation and digital disruption creating the world's fastest-growing online market for goods and services;

  • Deepening integration and stronger connectivity, including the positive effect of Australia's FTAs, make it easier to conduct business and support stronger regional value chains.

Food and Agriculture

ASEAN holds massive potential for Australian food and beverage companies labeled with "green" and "healthy" that want to expand into the ASEAN market which has been a hub of innovation and change in the past 5 years.

Health and Wellbeing Tech (Insurance)

Life and Health insurance saw a boost online as consumers become more risk-conscious. Demand for life and health insurance coverage rose as the pandemic ensued. Movement restrictions forced both demand and supply to move online despite life and health insurance traditionally being more difficult to sell online.


The increasing economic and urbanization have accelerated the demand for skilled labor, moreover, the more young generation in SEA is eager to go overseas to obtain more advanced technology and knowledge, which generates a bunch of opportunities for the high education institutions based in Australia. In light of the higher efficiency, Ed-tech creates shortcuts for students to quickly get approach their desired uni.

Table: Ed-Tech tool adoption has witnessed a massive growth

Entertainment, life-related service app/system

Entertainment and life service are fields we should keep going forward as 9 in 10 new digital consumers intend to continue using digital services in major nations across SEA according to the research.

Table: % of new digital consumers who will continue to use at least one digital service post-COVID-19

Online Travel Agency & Travel-related insurance

Growth in online penetration remains promising, but online consumers are becoming savvier with remaining concerns. They are working on safety and hygiene standards for hotels and are starting to adopt online digital financial services (DFS) such as post-pay, travel insurance, and car rental insurance. On the other hand, travel SMEs such as boutique hotels and other programs are now more willing to join OTA platforms.

Table: Online Travel annually gross merchandise volume in the ASEAN region

Fashion E-commerce

Australian fashion is heavily influenced by the country's climate and relaxed lifestyle. This relaxed outdoor atmosphere also matches the lifestyle of Southeast Asian consumers, especially in island/archipelagic countries such as the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia, which enjoy summer-like weather all year round.


More Features Needed to Approach ASEAN Market

Business/Industry Insights sharing

Regularly share business insights on social media platforms and websites in terms of the development opportunities and cooperative potentiality of Australian enterprises and e-commerce towards various industries in Southeast Asia to increase market exposure and attract potential customers.

Offer customized experiences to enhance the customer loyalty

Offer customized experience is fairly important as several retail giants were heavily focused on customer engagement prior to the pandemic, investing and developing a series of campaigns and activities which allowed them to build deeper relationships with customers. Developing the Target Circle customer loyalty program, available through designated platforms, could effectively boost long-term customers.

Sustainable growth

Four factors need to be considered within future development; Customers, Authorities, Employees, Environment

Collaborate with local authorities in the ASEAN region

Establish a complete regulatory system to enhance the target audience's trust and dependence on us.


Case Study for Successful Marketing Campaigns

OLAY: “Your best beautiful”

Video: OLAY ‘wake up every morning at her best’

Introduction to “Your best beautiful marketing campaigns”

Beauty brand Olay hopes to inspire Thai women to free themselves from the fear of being judged by beauty. So Fleishman Hillard designed a campaign called "Your Best Beautiful". It hosted beauty-judging pageants and launched a series of YouTube videos. Besides, the campaign also encourages the creation of user-generated content to show their various definitions of beauty.

Corporate and Brand Positioning

OLAY positions itself in a middle market between the mass and the premium segment — A sweet spot between mass and class with a more purpose-driven statement: “encouraging every woman to live fearlessly, starting with skin that's ready to face anything”.

Further creativity and promotion

A collaborative assignment with design communication and film students to create and promote the following campaign gives our own interpretation of a women's "best beautiful" through a short campaign commercial depicting every woman's desire to wake up every morning at her best. However, It explores how women wake up in confidence and feel comfortable and beautiful. And a series of photographs showcasing how each individual expresses their "best beautiful".

Picture: OLAY ‘how each individual expresses their best beautiful’ photographs

Outline of the Customer Markets

OLAY would like to engage Thai women from the young generation to middle age who are restrained by the stereotype to regain confidence and conquer the fear inside.

Problems with the Target Audience

It is hard for women to make themselves more beautiful in Thailand as a twist said: Three out of four are afraid of making themselves more beautiful, expecting ridicule.”

Campaign Message

Beauty brand Olay wanted to inspire Thai women to break free from this fear and adjust views of beauty for a modern world – defined by looking your best through your own eyes.

“All compliments are meaningless when you can’t even tell yourself you’re beautiful.”

Campaign Conclusion

The campaign generated 2 million video views; 500,000-plus likes, shares and comments on Facebook; and reached nearly 250,000 people on Instagram. In addition, Olay Thailand’s Facebook page reached No. 1 in engagement globally.

Jack Daniel: “Make it count”

Video: The first video of the campaign: ‘First Timers’

PR Agency introduction (Finn Partners)

Since Finn Partners gained its independence from Ruder Finn five years ago, Finn Partners has been growing in equal parts through acquisition and organically, a pattern that continued in 2015. The firm ended the year with a fee income of $71 million, up 35%, enough to rank as the No.6 independent in the us.

Marketing campaign background

Jack Daniel's launched a global creative campaign called "Make it Count" supported by Brown-Forman. The promotion activities, which ran across TV, social media, and outdoor and print advertising platforms in more than 100 countries, celebrate the people who drink bourbon. It focuses on the impact that living boldly and purposefully has on people's lives.

Meaning of “Make it count”

Jack Daniel has a saying that the founder Mr. Jack himself was known for: "Every day we make it, we'll make it the best we can.", which has served the company well within the distillery. However, this mantra goes beyond the whiskey they are making and is really a way of life. Make it Count is a modern articulation of that spirit- to live life to the fullest, enjoy the moments we have, and give it your all. That is how Jack lived his life and it still resonates today.

Target audience

As a brand with over 150 years of history, Jack Daniel's main purpose is to ensure brands remain relevant by appealing to a new generation of legal drinking-age consumers. The new generation is very different from its predecessors like Generation X. While the DNA of the brand remains the same, the way that JD expresses its values through advertising to connect with new generations is different. Because their mindset and what matters to them are different. It's not about showing status through what they buy, they value more experience.

The way to connect with customers

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Jack Daniels has reallocated away from some of the marketing that is obsolete in the COVID era (live events) and focused on meeting consumers where they are. Channels like e-commerce and even the virtual music festival “Crash the Couch” are examples. Jack Daniels is being confident that the new campaign will continue to help the products connect with consumers who more than ever want to Make it Count.

The way to navigate the market and cultural differences on a global scale.

The way they approach the new advertising model is through a 'globally led, locally infused’ strategy. JD had included conditions of many of their covered markets while preparing the marketing campaigns on the premise of requiring their global teams and agencies to understand all different local nuances of key markets in terms of consumer behaviors, consumption psychologic, and local regulations.

Campaign Conclusion

Created by the agency Energy BBDO, the inspiration for the campaign comes from a vintage Jack Daniel’s ad that read “Proudly served in fine establishments and questionable joints.” It served as a reminder that Jack is for everyone. As a result, “Make It Count” is about its fans who grab life by the horns and make the most of their experiences.



Digital marketing in the SEA region is more powerful than it has ever been before, Jetek should seize the opportunity to explore more potential fields under favorable conditions.

- End -


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