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Due to lockdown, businesses were forced to go online to keep their sales up and their stores open.

Online shopping became a general use for all generations and ended up being a better option for some Australians. All types of companies that can provide online services have boosted their sales on the web and continue to do so.

Australia Post has had an increase of 80% of online deliveries compared to their last year's numbers. Online shopping has become so easy for the general public, about one-third of Australia have considered staying with this strategy.

Small businesses have grown from the pandemic as online shoppers have started noticing their products with their digital marketing skills. Seeing products on TikTok, WeChat, and other social media platforms, consumers have supported this community by purchasing products right for them and continue to share with others.

Customers do not have to worry about finding the correct product for them anymore as a simple search has removed that stress. A simple click of a button can bring clothes, luxury items, and even groceries to your door. Having an online store that can be used by each generation works best, online shopping should be an easy alternative. Products must be packaged safely to reach the client, the more personalised to the brand and consumer, the better.

Online shopping has taken over, as sales have grown more than 40%, the new generation of buying and selling has become a great way to bring business to the digital world. Younger generations are more than likely to stick with this method as there are no limits on where a consumer can shop.

Keeping up with the modern world for a business is a must and keeping an online store easy to use for the general public is the best way to keep customers. Digital marketing is becoming more common for business and using them correctly for a targeted audience will keep the business growing. Social media platforms are growing and becoming the new face of marketing, Online advertisements are aimed to please and are the easiest way to gain attention for a business.

As online shopping continues to grow, the future of digital marketing will become the main focus of bringing in new consumers for your brand. The digital marketing involved with e-commerce’s growth in the years is continuing the change their trends. Live-streams are growing more popular as real-time advertisements provide the most information. People are more interested in video advertisements as they’re simple and easy.


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