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Business Acumen | Marketing campaign Insights How to resonate the target audience in SEA Market?

By Chris Huang - Jetek Staff

SEA: Sourtheast Asia

1. Utilizing the Culture conflict

Influence the target audience with both cognitive and conative components via the culture shock.

2. Brand transparency

Explicit exposure in terms of the financial conditions, annual returns, and investor relations on its website.

3. Following the latest lifestyle amongst different generations


McDonald’s is making the most of the emerging cocoon culture in Singapore. Looking at the growing trend of “Cocoon Culture”, McDonald’s Singapore recently unveiled its rebooted go-to-market strategy with the partnership with Publicis Groupe and has launched ‘Night-In’, a brand engagement platform to unlock the shifting demand in a covid-normal world to ensure the staying-in consumer the opportunity to savor McDonald’s favorites alongside friends and family, in the comfort of home.

GIF: The lead ‘Night in’ film

GIF: 15-sec film targeted at Gen Z

GIF: 15-sec film targeted at millennial

4. Hot issues in focus, ally with the mainstream value

An optimal range of exposure and campaign messaging plays an essential role.


In line with International Women's Day 2021, L’Oréal Paris has launched its "Stand Up" movement to tackle street harassment in Indonesia, cooperating with Cinta Laura Kiehl, an Indonesian actress, model, and the new L’Oréal Paris brand ambassador. Besides, the film ends with a call-to-action for viewers to participate in L’Oréal Paris' Stand Up program which offers a dedicated place as well as the training to stand up against street harassment.

GIF: L’Oréal Paris' “Stand Up” campaign against street harassment in Indonesia

5. Take advantage of the consumer mentality


The habit of procrastination (mañana) has led people to settle and think there’s no better option for them. It’s not a particularly good habit to pick up, especially when it comes to digital banking. Rizal Commercial Banking Corp (RCBC) understands why this is not a good thing. Within the industry, RCBC has constantly observed many customers putting up with inefficient and traditional services simply because it’s what they’ve been used to, even though there are better options.

GIF: RCBC’s campaign puts a stop to mañana (procrastination) banking for Filipinos.

6. Learn about local consumption habits


Have local people on the ground who have either working or study experience in Australia for each individual market to gain the best understanding of the local consumer behavioral psychology.

GIF: Blackmores has released its first Masterbrand campaign “Good healthy changes everything” in recent 4 years.

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