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5 Do’s and Don’ts of WeChat Marketing

When starting to sell on WeChat, there are diffidently some mistakes to avoid and some tips that will benefit you in the long run. WeChat marketing has skyrocketed over the years and this encourages more brands to become involved with using this platform. WeChat should not be compared to other platforms, in terms of social media functions.

When starting an official WeChat account for your brand you must consider the dos and don’ts. Here are some of the main factors that could make or break your WeChat account.


DO Focus on E-commerce and M-commerce

WeChat has become a great place for eCommerce, and China is the biggest country to rely on eCommerce. When posting on your account, focus on what this post can do to boost your sales. Chinese audiences are also more likely to buy spontaneously, especially during a sale.

DO Choose the right KOL

KOL advertising is the biggest and best way to advertise your products, but make sure you reach out to the right influencer. Instead of picking one huge KOL, think about finding smaller influencers, this can broaden your audience faster, as different pages are sharing your products instead of just one. Ensure that the audience of the KOL or KOC’s matches the target audience of your product.

DO Keep the content balanced

When making posts about your products, make sure you are balancing them between the categories of sale and education. Always having a sale post is not going to look attractive to your consumers. If you educate them about your products often, you have a higher chance of gaining revenue quickly.

DO Be as responsive as possible

Engage with your consumers, when they comment on your posts respond in any way you can, show that you heard them. Don’t be one of those business owners that sits back and waits for purchases, you will gain more revenue if you show WeChat users you are watching what’s happening on the application for you page.

DO Quality Posts

It’s always quality over quantity, and it’s the same for social media posts. People will tell you that you need to post every day in order to gain attention, while this does help to some degree, posts that are well put together have more of an impact than the ones that don’t. All WeChat posts are well put together and are nothing like other social media posts, while Facebook can be text paired with an image, WeChat posts are a full article that is themes to the brands colour scheme.


DON’T Underestimate the importance of feedback

Listen to the feedback on your content, review the comments, and any interactions you receive throughout your account. Any small contribution can improve your WeChat account which will result in letting your consumers know you are listening to them. Therefore the relationship between the business and consumer is close and this is more attractive for future consumers.

DON’T Assume the Chinese audience is the same as western

Chinese audiences are completely different from the rest of the world. What westerners like to see may not be the same as what the Chinese demographics want to see. Chinese consumers want more detail about the product before purchase, without having to search for themselves. Make sure you are providing as much information as possible in your posts. While westerners are used to see a page they follow post daily, Chinese consumer find this annoying. A WeChat page should only post once a week, this gives time to put more effort into your posts.

DON’T Neglect Chinese holidays.

You’re using a Chinese social media platform, celebrate the holidays! You’ve made the first stop by not neglecting this demographic, don’t waste it by making the huge mistake of not celebrating their holidays. Singles day is one of the holidays that the Chinese celebrate and the sales on this holidays are huge. Singles day is bigger than Black Friday in China, so do not miss out on these purchases and show you can celebrate with them.

DON’T Forget about research

Who is your targeted audience? You do not want to immediately target all of China straight away, start small and make your way to the top. Choose your target audience carefully, whether it be the location, gender, or behaviour and interests. Make sure this suits your brand and that your advertisement doesn’t go to waste. You MUST have a clear idea of who you are targeting before you start selling on WeChat.

Also remember the restrictions you will have to follow. There are industries that cannot advertise on WeChat as well as some keywords that have been banned. Industries that sell insurance, supplements and more can find way around Chinese marketing and choose to advertise on something like Little Red Book.

DON’T Forget to analyse your progress

Once you post on WeChat, keep track of how many views, interactions, and feedback you’re receiving. This will help with future posts, find what’s working for you and what’s not. Fix any mistakes in previous posts and improve your future ones. Also, analyse your purchases made on the application to see what products the Chinese Market prefers. See if any of your other products need to be showcased more.

Still lost on how to start marketing on WeChat? Contact us for a free consolation.


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