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Virgin Airlines

The Client : 


Virgin Air wanted a quick campaign to advertise a promotion for cheaper flights to ring in the New Year. They wanted to target Chinese residents already in Australia who are likely to travel. Jetek decided on a WeChat moments promotion that would screen for 24 hours but featured the same results as some week-long campaigns.


The Campaign:

The concept was flights as cheap as $75 being offered paired with alluring travel photos, and the incentive of winning a round trip flight to Tokyo. The ad was on WeChat over 24 hours and when clicked opened to an engaging landing page in Virgins signature red.

airline virgin.jpg

The Results:


The campaign landed over 96 thousand exposures. Plus, 474 people followed Virgins official WeChat account. The campaign was most popular with people between 26-35. Females were shown to be more interested in the ad as 75% of clicks were women.

Advertising records

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