The Client:

Ugg Australia is an iconic brand well known across both the Australian and Chinese markets, as well as overseas. They wanted a week-long campaign to promote a sale that celebrated China's Golden Week. The biggest tourism week in China where people take time off to travel and visit their family.

The Campaign:

From Oct 2nd - Oct 8th 2019 Jetek ran a WeChat moments advertising campaign through Uggs official account. Combining modelling photos of people wearing Uggs in several different fashion situations. Suggesting they are trendy and comfortable footwear you can wear with anything. We asked the target audience "How can you not bring your Uggs?" The adjoining landing page launched the new season of products on its own sleek e-commerce page made to engage the younger market.

The Results:


The week-long campaign reached 427 plus thousand exposures. The overall click rate just missed 5% sitting at 4.99%. The hit count ended at 21,240. Uggs WeChat account picked up an additional 612 subscribers. 

Advertising records


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