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Two Sisters

The Label

The Client:

Two Sisters the label is a popular Adelaide fashion brand. When asked to help them reach out to the Chinese market WeChat advertising was the obvious decision. Utilizing WeChat moments is perfect for targeting the younger markets, especially with something as saleable as womens fashion.


The Campaign:


Jetek paired beautiful modelling shots, the labels story and a 10% off incentive for new buyers. The ad was launched as a WeChat moment from 25th of June to the 9th of July. Soley targeting Chinese females in the appropriate age groups. When clicked the ad opened to a beautiful light and airy landing-page that showcased the companies newest collection and allowed consumers to buy directly.


The Results:


The Two Sisters WeChat official account picked up 1017 new subscribers. The impressions reached over 600 thousand. The click rate landed at 3.17% The most popular age group was 26-35, closely followed by 19-25-year-olds. 352 ladies visited the online store.

Advertising records

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