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The client:

Superdry is a global brand with the spirit of adventure, and its products have a laid-back, unique, and iconic style. They are targeting consumers living in Australia and New Zealand, and Jetek decided to promote its brand through WeChat advertising and Little Red Book KOL.


The campaign:

Jetek has extensively exposed and optimized the Superdry brand through WeChat Moment’s advertisement and developed relevant public accounts for it. In the WeChat advertising content page placed model renderings, among include the bright colors pictures, vivid text, caught the eye of most customers.  Wechat also offers discounts to consumers to boost sales. Consumers can also click on Superdry official website at the bottom of the article, which increases the number of customers and clicks for Superdry. In addition, Jetek also tailored for Superdry to create a series of single products "Niu Qi Chong Tian” small red book KOL promotion. With the help of the platform attributes of Little Red Book, 

Jetek contacted several Little Red Book celebrities who have certain influence in leading the trend and fashion. Through the analysis to their styles, vertical field, fans and other aspects, we finally invited several suitable KOLs to 

feel the wearing experience of Superdry. Finally, according to the characteristics of the commercial tenant produce relevant pictures and videos, and promote by fans in the vertical field, and achieve remarkable results.

Advertising records

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