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South Australia
Tourism Commission

The client:

South Australia Tourism Commission is the largest tourism board in South Australia, established in 1993. The aim of Tourism South Australia is to promote South Australia as a tourism destination, including the promotion of campaigns, festivals, or other events of the state; and the further development and improvement of the state's tourism industry. Promote the boost of tourism and other aspects (such as hotels, homestays, cruises, catering, agriculture, transportation, etc.) to achieve win-win and multi-win goals, and drive the Australian economy to prosperity. Meanwhile, Tourism South Australia hopes to ensure the economic and social interests of South Australians through tourism promotion.


The campaign:

Jetek had designed a specific marketing plan for the South Australian Tourism Commission, and designed advertising (covering text, pictures, and short videos) for different South Australian tourist attractions. Advertisements show South Australia's unique travel destinations, unique local culture, food, and customs to travel enthusiasts from all over the world. We directly search for target customers by publishing bilingual tourism project introductions in both Chinese and English on the WeChat platform, focus on customers, collect public comments, and then improve service quality, promote customer relationships, enhance customer trust, and enhance customer experience, so as to achieve more benefit.

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