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Princess Polly

The client:

Princess Polly is an American fashion clothing brand. Their target is to provide high-quality fashion and service to their customers.  They are committed to creating a sustainable future for the fashion industry and making popular sustainable fashion accessible to every customer who loves Princess Polly. 

Through the business meeting with Jetek, we finally decided to promote the brand through WeChat and Little Red Book advertising. The promotion target is mainly locked for the pursuit of fashion, love of fashion, having a strong purchase desire, and having the purchasing power of young female buyers in Australia and New Zealand.


The campaign:


Jetek designed a specific marketing scheme for Princess Polly, using pictures of hot sales products and eye-catching slogans to create ads on WeChat moments that fit the theme. The advert showcases Princess Polly’s love of fashion trends, targeting female users of a certain age as exposure objects and instructing customers to buy through slogans. In addition, Jetek invited several mature Little Red book celebrities who in leading the fashion field. And through graphic and graphic publicity related to the product features and promotion of fans in vertical fields. Finally, the promotion to achieve excellent benefits.

Advertising records

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