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The Client:


World-renowned wine brand Penfolds approached Jetek to tie together the launch of their new product and the celebration of 175 years of being in operation. They wanted to increase their followers and collect potential leads for future sales. Jetek used their knowledge in WeChat to directly target Chinese wine aficionados. WeChat helps to narrow the search and only engage with the people you want to know your brand.

Penfolds Grange.png

The Campaign:


The idea was to have a customer engagement based competition. Jetek used the question "Why do you love Penfolds?" and offered the chance to win an exclusive prize. The club formed by Penfolds for all wine lovers called The Black Grape Society pathed the way for a classy campaign which featured photos, videos and an H5 landing page. It proudly showcased the newest bottle of anniversary wine and highlighted the elegance of the brand using deep hues and bold tones. All of this was launched through WeChat.


The Results:


The total exposure for this campaign was 35,765 thousand. The comprehensive click-through rate was 1.01%, and the total number of entrants to the competition was 362. Most of the campaign's traffic came from Hong Kong. The campaign was most popular with Chinese netizens over 45.

Advertising records

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