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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a great way to expand your target market quickly.

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Chinese Influencer marketing consists of KOC (Key Opinion Consumer) and KOL (Key Opinion Leader). Seeing products advertised by either an everyday customer (KOC) or a bigger influencer (KOL) is a great way to showcase products naturally.


Influencer marketing has proven to work for brands wanting to expand their targeted audience, as social media users are more likely to make impulse purchases. 


'KOC' stands for Key Opinion Consumer. They focus on testing products then sharing a review on it. The influence of KOC has more authenticity and reliability for audiences.



'KOL' stands for Key Opinion Leaders, who have built up a reputation of their own and have a certain number of followers. KOL has expertise in some special field. More importantly, they are good at communication, and they know how to influence audiences behaviour.


How We Utilise

Influencer Marketing

We can get in contact with KOC's and KOL’s that will work with your company and who's followers work well with your targeted market. We will recommend different influencer marketing strategies depending on your brand. E.g. Multiple small KOC’s or a bigger KOL.

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