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Wukong Edu

The client:

Wukong Chinese focuses on providing online education solutions for overseas children aged 3-18. Since its establishment in 2016, it has grown into a leading brand of online education for overseas children and is the preferred international education platform for overseas families to realize their dream of elite education.


The campaign:

Jetek Asia Digital provides a service for advertising and promoting free trial classes, in major Australian cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide, for WuKong online education company.  We have carried out offline promotional activities in multiple Australian cities, in business and residential districts with a high concentration of overseas Chinese. Allowing our customers to reach over 10,000 overseas Chinese households. These free classes has been warmly received by overseas Chinese parents. We have received extremely favorable feedback about our promotional activities from our clients, saying that we have greatly helped them to enter the overseas market. Jetek Asia Digital hopes to help carry out offline promotional activities for even more Australian and international companies.  Helping their brands to easily enter Australian, or other, markets through our promotional activities.


We have also completed several online social media promotions for Wukong Education, such as Xiaohongshu, Facebook, Google ads, etc., all of which have achieved good results.


Advertising records

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