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What are brand awareness and brand loyalty?

By Davies Zhai - Jetek Staff

1. What is Brand awareness?

Brand awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers and associated with a particular product or service. Being aware of a brand leads to brand familiarity, which, in turn, results in a level of comfort with the brand.

A familiar brand is more likely to be selected than an unfamiliar brand because the familiar brand is often viewed as more reliable and of more acceptable quality. The familiar brand is likely to be in a customer’s consideration set, whereas the unfamiliar brand is not.

2. What is brand loyalty?

Brand loyalty is a customer’s favorable attitude towards a specific brand. If brand loyalty is strong enough, customers may purchase this brand consistently when they need a product in that product category. Repetitive buying behavior is evidence of brand loyalty but not the only way to consider brand loyalty. Consumer commitment and favorable word-of-mouth are also indicators of brand loyalty as is an established consumer–brand relationship.

Development of brand loyalty in a customer reduces their risks and shortens the time spent considering the purchase and buying the product. However, the degree of brand loyalty for products varies from one product category to another and other factors such as age also impact the connection between satisfaction and brand loyalty.

3. Three Degrees Of Brand Loyalty

Brand recognition:

occurs when a customer is aware that the brand exists, and views it as an alternative (if the preferred brand is unavailable, or if the other brands are unfamiliar).

Brand preference:

a stronger form where the item is preferred over competitive offerings and the brand will be purchased if it is available.

Brand insistence:

the product is strongly preferred, the buyer will accept no substitute, and will spend time and money to search out the product rather than purchase an alternative.


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