TikTok working around the clock for SuperDry: A Case Study

A recent TikTok campaign has caught peoples attention before it even launched. Street fashion-forward SuperDry teamed up with BornBred talent agency to launch a multi-faceted campaign that included influencers, ads, viral videos, a new product line and SuperDrys first grand opening in New Zealand.

If you're not into TikTok you may not know the following names: Sarah Magusara, Rory Eliza and Caleb Finn. But your kids might, they may even follow them. Together they share a combined follower count of a casual 25.8 million followers, and that's not even all the influencers, there were 57 all up. The influencers had to both make videos for the campaign and be guests at the stores grand opening.

The opening event that BornBred held for SuperDry brought in over 300 devoted fans. Parents had to pull their kids out of school early so they could have the opportunity to meet their TikTok heroes. The influencers garnered outfits from the latest collection and had meet and greets and photo opportunities with their devotees. We don't often get figures for the sales generated by these campaigns. But the dress Rory Eliza modelled at the event sold out in just two days.

After the store had well and truly opened its doors it was time for phase two, The viral dance campaign. Sarah Magusara was hired to choreograph a routine to perfectly match up with the mood of an original piece by up and coming hip-hop duo eleven7four called Where it hurts (Feat Tayla Parx). It also had to perfectly fit the vibe of the new line from Superdry. She filmed her routine rocking a muted jade double hoodie and pants ensemble from the new line. Sarah's smooth moves with the help of the other influencers and their funky contributions, quickly picked up a hefty 15 million views and just like that the campaign went viral.

Sales are often unclear in these campaigns but for people to get in on the action they needed to wear SuperDry duds and use the hashtag #SDMyWay. The campaign encouraged consumers to be themselves, wear the clothes their way and to interfuse their own styling. That message paired with a badass song quickly empowered many to get on the bandwagon. A quick scroll through the multitude of user-generated videos will show you that a lot of them are wearing brand new threads from SuperDry, often multiple different outfits. The user-generated videos alone serve as advertising, combine that with the turnout at the grand opening and the paid ads using the original influencer's content and you have a very content SuperDry.

Images sourced: Marketing Mag, Rag Trader, Fashion Journal

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